Keep Calm & Fuck OFF

Yes, I'm pissed off and most people irritate me. But if people weren't so ignorant, self-absorbed, and downright stupid, I wouldn't be so bitchy all the time. It is an excuse? Well, at least it is like a Dunhill menthol light that make me feel calm.

Many things have been screw up… yes, it is! I’m not happy with that! I’ve been mr nice guy for almost 2 years, I’ve tried so hard to push my horns into my skull. See! What I get in the end? Actually it might not sound as miserable as I describe, as sometime, we just intend to exaggerate it.

Sometime I just want to scream on your face and say, “I'm sorry, I can't be mean to you. It's be kind to animals week.” Again, I’m very sure that you can’t get my practical joke!
I might be or I should be another attention seeker? I might, but I’m sure I m the mild attention seeker. Somehow I choice to zip my mouth with YYK zipper, and applying some UHU gum just to make sure I won’t open my mouth at all. Seriously, I m “inspired” by you, I might can write tons of bitchy gay stories based on that, and I might become darn famous because of that. 

Well, anyway… xmas soon even I am not going to throw a party, so fuck off! 

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