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By November I'm deep in Christmas psychosis, Christmas day is like an orgasm that never stops. Happiness and good cheer should be throbbing in your veins.  Sorry, as I describe Christmas as an “orgasm that never stops”. For some reasons, I just like Christmas, something that I dream to have when I was a kid. I've lived in Malaysia all my life (until now) so it's hard for me to imagine what it's like to experience a white Christmas. OK~ I’ve been started to decorate the house just a day after November started. Insane? Guess not!

For the past three years, there were Christmas eve and Christmas dinners… it might take weeks of preparation to throw a party, make it happened, of course make it looked good. Unless if you’re not picky about your Christmas food, you just can fried your beehon, or cook your curry chicken, serve something that what the local like to serve for any occasions, from birthday to pre-wedding night or even … in a funeral!

So after the good time we had, I will the only one who will roll up my sleeves and clean all the mess. I know this is natural disarray that occurs after any sort of party.  Sometime, you still have to be bear with some unpreventable mishaps (shattered wine glasses, candle wax on the tablecloth, spills on the carpet). Ya, it is totally a nightmare!
By year end, whole world will start to ask me the same question over and over again, “are you going to host a Christmas party?” I would like to answer, “can we…change to new venue, let say… this year, we will have it in your house?” your answer is (I guess), “no way… who gonna to clear up the mess after the party”. Oh ya! You know it as well ya!

I still decorate the house with Christmas tree, and I even plan to learn some new Christmas food by the end of November. Perhaps, I just want to have some quiet moments by myself? Or I might want to spend the night witch someone who can make me smile instead of throwing my RM25 plate on someone face.

God, I know… I shouldn’t say this. But sometimes I think that God in creating man somehow overestimated his ability. 

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