Gaga x Barneys = Halloween in the Christmas month

This Gaga landed Monday night at Barneys New York flagship on Madison Avenue, cut the ribbon with the huge WOOW colorful scissors, talala… Ya… we know the show has began!

*By the way, this Barneys is not the purple monster as you might know (OK! I mean you, you know who you are!), it is one of the top high end department stores in the state.

As usual, this bloody workshop 100% doesn’t look like Christmas at all.  With the help of Formichetti (tell me, do you know who is he? If you don’t, then don’t bullshit in front me that how much you adore this crazy gaga bitch), inside the Barneys, there is a 5,500 square feet of bright colors, crazy shapes and a gigantic cartoon statue of the superstar herself in a pinup pose surrounded by jagged mirrors and sitting atop thousands of black plastic discs.

Festive season probably is the major period to catch up the sales, so it is definitely a win-win situation. The gaga bitch is good in self promoting as well attention seeking, so with her name stick on the Barney main door, it might help to boost up the sales! No doubt that why there are so many “attention seeker” gays looooooove to kiss gaga’s ass. Even you can’t deny that Adele is catching up now, by winning more and more gay fans’ heart.

“Oh gaga, I adored your art director or style director or what bullshit title that you might give to him. Well, your custom-made ivory gown by Karl Lagerfeld was quite stunning.  Again, are we celebrating the Halloween instead of the Christmas? I saw a gigantic balloon-made spider’ly evil gaga…”

Love it or errrr… hmmm… gaga bitch, you’re a good entertainer, marketer, attention seeker… merry xmas bitch!

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