Call me...The Onion face

Every breath counts, every moment matters. But, do any of us really pay a damn on this? Ya, everyone tell me the same thing, “Life is so fragile. Treasure every moment and don't be so taken by the trivial stuff that in the end leads nowhere and means nothing.” I don’t get it, I might feel sad about it, but how long can it last? Life is not so good, yet is not so bad either. Live like a robot, repeating the same old thing in a daily basis, continually… for years.

I should say that ours is a culture that purrs over beauty and hisses at anything else. Beauty has a ferocious gravitational pull in gay life and in many ways it diminishes us. I am surrounded by such people, well… they don’t pay a damn on what happen around us, I mean politic or current affair. Once we sit down, the conversation will start on guy, about who you’ve met, dicks, grindr, relationship dramas… shallow? May be… but what else can we talk? I can’t tell them how I feel about the Middle East crisis. I can’t tell why Sarah Burton is handling Lee’s legacy so well. If I do so, they will shut my mouth with dildo…

Back to work place, a group of straight guy, ALL THEY TALK ABOUT ARE SPORTS! Funny indeed, how the rest of the world doesn’t seem to find "soccer" is boring!

“It is a beautiful sport of tactics and skill....it is not just about scoring and also you can say any sport is boring it is based on opinion, but too the majority of the world it is something more than a sport and they love it.” Bla bla… Yet, I still find it boring! The worst part is... their favorite lunch is McD, yew! Ya! Very Yew indeed!

Then, back to a group 30s married wives, they are complaining about work, comparing their kids, or some even can’t even lay an egg after married for probably 3 million years. No to mention the “royal’s relatives”.

I wonder how many layers of “mask” that I need to put on my face for 5 days a week, countless perhaps. So please call me onion face, since I’ve to spend 3 hours and 47minute to tear off those masks when night falls.

Can you see it? Can you feel it? This is what I been doing for the past 6 years.


Unknown said...

Wow, what an interesting post! Love it!
Indeed, facing other categories of people requires us to somehow wear a mask and I mean, layerssss of mask just to confront them with that particular topic.
Anyway, wish you all the best in your life. Live life to the fullest with dreams, hopes and love. Chiowz....

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. The world seems to require us to put on soooooo many faces. It's pure BS. But it's what makes the world go round. I guess all I can say is try and find SOMEWHERE, SOMETHING, SOMEONE, that you don't have to put on any faces, any acts, or any layers of the onion that you have to hide. When you have found this, I guess you have found something truly special.


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