Book by Alber Elbaz

庆祝Alber ElbazLanvin的十周年,是个精彩的十年,是个让一度垂死的品牌翻腾变主流品牌。(你不得不承认王效兰的慧眼识英雄!)……出书乃是家常便饭,这本能装饰你coffee table的书并不便宜,售价是美元450Alber Elbaz的设计天赋无可置疑,但是他每次在接受访问时所抛出的精句才精彩。

"I thought that at a time like now, when the whole industry is about the six minutes of the show and a review that is being written in a taxi because then there is the next one, I thought, I'm going to show everyone how much effort goes into making a single dress. I wanted to show how many threads you have to put together to make one rose; how much thought goes into a button."

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